A downloadable game for Windows

Synopsis: Join Juho and Kaj on their fire rescue quests as you learn about fire safety tips and uncover an evil lurking behind the scenes! This game chronicles the events of a single week, from Monday to Sunday, in which each day brings a new challenge and even some new friends! There is never a dull moment when working for this fire station! That is for sure!

History: Inspired by my godson's love for firefighting, it was originally meant to be in Finnish entirely, but plans changed quite a bit and while the content is obviously very kid-friendly, the gameplay might not be suitable for a 4-year-old. In lieu of that, hopefully older people will find this project interesting!


Juho's Firefighter Adventures


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On day 3, you have a robber to catch in a dark house where you cannot see him until stumbling upon him, hence he is actually an invisible event that does not require the action button to find.